Welcome to Packers Tattoos. We specialize in custom tattoos. Tell us a little bit about what you want, and our exceptional artists will draw up exactly what you want. Check out our Galleries page.

It has been my lifelong dream to open my own tattoo shop. I am a tattoo artist; but more importantly, I am an artist. I do everything from airbrushing to oil paintings. A well rounded artist is an exceptional tattoo artist.

The tattoo artists I hire are well rounded artists. This is my standard. Now that I finally have the dream that I have worked so hard for, I expect nothing but the best when I hire an artist. You can expect exceptional work from any and all of my tattoo artists. If you are ever unhappy with your service simply use the Contact page and send me a message. I personally manage the emails that are submitted through this site.

If I have a bad apple, I throw it away. My goal is to make good life long relationships with all my customers. I am here to stay and you are welcome here anytime.

– Mike Packer